All About Delivery Bots

Before we directly jump into making our own AI delivery bot, let us first understand how AI delivery bots work and why they are useful.

All About Delivery Bots – Overview

Delivery bots are service robots that transport items from one place to another. They can deliver food and groceries to homes and even coffee between office rooms.

Let’s say you are at home or in the office and ordered noodles for lunch, the restaurant or the shop owner receives your order and then places it inside the delivery bot. The bot then travels to your location to give you the noodles you ordered. You can carry out such things without the need of getting up from your chair.

Why Delivery Bots?

Delivery robots are made to carry small goods from one place to another – they can either be small vehicles on wheels or even flying drones. They are usually used to cover small distances.

Your neighborhood store owner finds it useful to carry groceries from his shop to your house and he does not need to leave his shop. He can continue to sell and deliver items without leaving his shop. The bots also help with the current situation where robots can deliver without human contact.

How Does AI Make Them Smart?

AI is used for robots to understand their surroundings so it can travel to their destination. The robot can crash into things like people walking, street lamps, pavements, animals, etc. AI helps it to understand that such things need to be avoided. The robot can then change directions, slow down, or even stop until the obstacle is gone.


AI delivery bots are used to:

  1. Deliver food, groceries or other small items to homes from shops.
  2. Deliver documents or other small items within small areas.
  3. Delivery without human contact.

In the next topic, we’ll use artificial intelligence to make an AI delivery bot using Quarky. Let’s get to it!